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Open Studios, April 24-25

Watertown/Belmont Open Studios, April 24-25, 11am-6pm

Exhibiting artists at the following venues:

– Arsenal Center for the Arts
– Belmont Gallery of Art
– Turtle Studios
– Ningyo Editions Print Studio
– Private studios & residences

View Maps of all locations:
Watertown jpeg | pdf
Belmont jpeg | pdf


Visiting Artists will be exhibiting work at the Arsenal Center for the Arts April 24-25 from 11am-6pm.

The Arsenal Center for the Arts
321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA

Lisa Cohen

Fran Forman

Michael Seif

Paula Lazar

Susan Bregman

Leanne Tremblay

Adrienne Sloane

Monica Fairbairn

Carolyn Bensinger

Paul Angiolillo

Christine Chang

Sarah Leon

Anne Smith

David Weinberg

Karin Rosenthal

Kimberly Thompson

Kim Bennett

Marcia Crumley

Sharon Ede Glennon


Resident Artists at the Arsenal Center for the Arts will open their studios to the public April 24-25 from 11am-6pm.

Kaetlyn Wilcox

Dawn Scaltreto

Cat Bennett

Catherine Garnett

Deb Putnoi


Turtle Studios will host artists exhibiting work April 24-25 from 11am-6pm.

Turtle Studios
268 Arlington Street, Watertown MA

Ann Miller
Barbara Cheresh

Camille Musser
Catherine Brentani Stallard
Emile Turano
Jeanette O’Connor

Jen Dunning
Katherine Maloney
Kitty Pechet
Lisa Fast
Nancy Goodman
Pat Berger
Patricia Crotty

Priscilla Hayes

Renuka O’Connell

Roz Grunmann
Steve Hauser
Susan B. Jones
Tempe Goodhue
Wendy Walter


Ningyo Editions Print Studio will host artists exhibiting work April 24-25 from 11am-6pm.

Ningyo Editions Print Studio
81 Sprint Street, Watertown, MA

Barbara Epstein

David Curcio
Nancy Snyder
Patricia Geller

Vani Sayeed


Artists will also be opening their private studios and residences (see map for location details):

Akiko Kunii

Carole and Kim Katz

Cat Bennett

Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld

Emilia Farrell 

Digital Silver Imaging / Charles A. Meyer @ The Griffin Museum

Hadley Hines

Jennie Summerall

Joan Kraus

Kimberly Becker

Kirstin Ilse

Laura Segal

Nem Hackett

Norma Dumont 

Ottavio Forte


Ellen Solari

Stuart Dunkel and Jim Fitzgerald

Gallery @ Belmont Media Center

Watertown Public Schools

Watertown Art Association “Spring”

In conjuction with Watertown/Belmont Open Studios weekend, there will be ongoing group exhibitions at the Arsenal Center for the Arts & Belmont Gallery of Art.  For more info:

Arsenal Group Exhibition | Belmont Group Exhibition

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